Jewelry can quickly update your wardrobe from being blah to magical ✨ We managed to do this by curating the perfect pieces to fuel your lust for wander 

We bring you 3 lines that we know you'll fall in love with ❤️

✨The perfect combination of edgy, boho, and luxe, Farrah b jewelry is becoming our go-to for statement pieces of hand-made jewelry that takes your outfit to a whole new level ❣

✨Bracha in Hebrew means blessing. That is what Bracha intends to be through every design. 20% of every Bracha purchase goes to fight the war on human trafficking. Every design has FREEDOM in mind.  

✨Jamie Kidd is such a babe ❤️️ She is literally EVERYWHERE. We don't know when she finds time to design jewelry too!  But when she's not being insanely hot modeling, she's specializing her skills in Jay.Nicole.Jewelry. Her passion for handcrafting each unique piece of jewelry, makes for one of a kind designs that are made with love.