About c+a

clothe+arrow was founded by babe Brandy Bailey of Oceanside, California.

Since she was a little girl, Brandy had a profound love for design and fashion. Her creative roots stem from her father, who was a Musician and part Native American. While other children were playing with their toys – she would spend afternoons rearranging her bedroom or learning how to sew with her Grandmother.

Over the next decade, Brandy worked diligently to master her craft and fell in love with the art of dressing. Starting in the stock room and modeling for a local boutique, the Sunflower, she worked her way up to the sales floor, and eventually went on to study Fashion Design + Merchandising at a local community college.

Years later, wanderlust began to set in and after meeting the love of her life – it was an itch that could no longer go unscratched. Selling their belongings, Brandy and her hubby, as newlyweds, hit the dusty trails of America in an Airstream, and wandered the country for a couple of years, collecting unique mementos along the way. It wasn’t until they made their way back to California that Brandy discovered her calling to open a boutique sharing her hand-selected treasures with you.

In definition, to clothe is to dress someone in a particular type of clothing, and an arrow is used to show direction. Years of travel led Brandy to some of the most unique treasures in the country – and each of those road trips, and detours along the way have now led her to you.

So get ready to slay – from cactus adorned yoga mats curated in Arizona to effortless kimonos of Texas, a line that no other boutique currently carries in Cali – clothe+arrow is for the babes who like to take the road less traveled.